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TRUSTED REVIEWS | The Energy Bar Endorsed By World Champions

Get Your Starter Pack Today (6-bar Mixed Flavour Box)


2x Coconut - Spirulina - Almond Bar

2x Blueberry - Apple - Hazelnut Bar

2x Mango - Banana - Cashew Bar

Key Features

Prolonged Energy Release: Keeps your mood, energy, and hunger levels balanced.

Fuelled by Buckwheat: A rare plant-based protein source containing all nine essential amino acids.

Suitable for Any Diet: All our bars are vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, and contain no added sugar.

Under 150 Calories Each: A guilt-free treat suitable for all.

30-day money-back 

Zero high sugar ingredients


Gluten & Lactose Free

Powered by Buckwheat

100% Natural

"In order to compete at the top level and win, you need high-quality
 energy. I tried several bars on the market and couldn't find anything
that gives me the energy that RawQ bars do. 

When you're performing for a long time, you need something that
gives you consistent energy rather than just a spike in energy. 

RawQ has become my go-to for when I need an energy boost.

- Daniil Medvedev 
Grand Slam Winner

What's the secret ingredient ?

Most energy bars don’t work - They give you a rollercoaster of sugar crashes caused by preservatives, additives and stabilizers.

We’ve cut out the junk and added in Buckwheat to give you a continual supply of high-quality, long lasting energy without the nasty side effects.

Just pure, sustained vitality to keep you going for as long as you need.

3 reasons you'll love it

100% Natural

Contains ZERO flavouring agents or flavour enhancers.

Long-Lasting Energy

A unique combination of ingredients prevent blood sugar level fluctuations, providing you with energy for a prolonged period of time.

No Dates

Contains ZERO high sugar ingredients, such as dates, preventing you from having insulin spikes and providing you with high quality energy.

We've got flavours too..

Coconut - Spirulina - Almond Bar

Rich in essential fats and boosted with Spirulina — a nutrient-dense superfood.

Blueberry - Apple - Hazelnut Bar

Packed with antioxidants from blueberries and the healthy goodness of hazelnuts.

Mango - Banana - Cashew Bar

A tropical delight with the natural sweetness of mango and banana and the crunch of cashews.

Your RawQ vs. Others

While other bars might promise energy, they fail to deliver prolonged benefits, leading to blood sugar level fluctuations. RawQ bars, however, are specially formulated to provide sustained energy without spikes or crashes.



Clean, high-quality ingredients

Often contain added sugars

Comprehensive nutritional profile

Use artificial sweeteners

Prolonged, steady energy

Lead to energy crashes

Unique, natural flavours

Limited flavour options

Lifestyle choice, not just a snack

Only seen as quick snacks

Exclusive Offer

Get free shipping on our special trial pack, featuring two of each of our fantastic flavours. Enjoy a one-time purchase or subscribe for monthly deliveries.

Join Thousands of Happy Customers

Borys B. |

Verified Buyer

The flavourful, tangy RawQ bars are a game-changer for me. The blueberry is my guilty pleasure.

Michele C. |

Verified Buyer

Life-changing for the soul, mind, and body. The bars energise me and help me make better choices throughout the day

Selma T. |

Verified Buyer

This RawQ bar is truly something unique. The deliciously smooth blend of banana and mango is so sweet you almost can't believe it has no sugar!


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand by our products. If you're not completely satisfied with your order, please return it within 30 days for a full refund. For any queries, contact us at support@rawqbars.co.uk.

Ready to feel like a world champion ?

100% Natural

Long-Lasting Energy

Powered By Buckwheat

Suitable For Any Diet

No Dates