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Have questions? We have the answers!

I am not an athlete. Are RawQ bars for me?

Of course! Your energy levels are important - whether you are an athlete, a banker, a student, a mother, an entrepreneur, a blogger, a journalist, a teacher, a doctor or anyone else. We all need energy to get through our busy days. We all need energy to achieve our goals. We all need energy to create the life we want and rightfully deserve. We created them for YOU.

When would you recommend to eat the bars?

As Shakira once sang: "Whenever, wherever, we are meant to be together". You can rely on RawQ bars whenever you need energy - in the morning, in the middle of the day or in the evening; before or after a workout; when spending a day with family, training for a marathon or working on Excel tables and marketing decks; when travelling or doing a spring clean of the apartment. We have your energy levels covered, so you can focus on building and living the life of your dreams. And be a true champion in whatever it is that you are doing.

Can I eat the bars before my workout?

Yes, absolutely. Daniil and RawQ team are all eating RawQ bars as pre-workout snack to make sure we have optimum energy levels to fuel us though the session. Plus, as we carefully selected the ingredients to ensure a prolonged energy release, you won't feel too hungry even after your workout has finished - giving you enough time to warm up, wake a shower, change, get home and actually enjoy the meal.

Can I eat the bars after my workout?

For sure! Our bars contain all of the essential macro- and micronutrients to help you replenish energy levels after an intensive training and help your body recover quicker.

Can I eat the bars as a snack?

Absolutely! Our bars contain and optimum level of macro- and micronutrients to ensure a prolonged energy release. This makes them a perfect snack that will give you enough energy to keep you going through a busy day. Cherry on top? They taste great :)

Are your bars suitable for pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a very delicate matter - Daria, one of the co-founders, recently became another and knows what a magical, yet difficult journey this is. While there are no ingredients that are restricted during pregnancy and our bars are 100% natural, it is a very personal question and we would recommend monitoring how you feel after eating them and consulting with your doctor, who knows your medical and pregnancy history. And... congratulations!

Are your bars suitable for diabetics?

Our bars contain 65% less sugar than our competitors and hence don't cause an extreme blood sugar level spike. However, blood sugar level is a very personal matter and varies from one person to another. We would recommend checking how RawQ bars make you feel and what effect they have on your glucose levels using a glucose monitor.

What ensures a prolonged energy release?

A carefully selected combination of ingredients, which includes buckwheat - our super-star ingredient that has been proven to control blood sugar levels and keep them stable. And the absence of unwanted ingredients that make your blood sugar levels spike :)

Are your bars gluten free?

Yes, our bars are 100% gluten-free - we are not using any products that contain gluten and our production facility is gluten-free certified. One of our founders, Arina Kuzmina, is celiac and our bars being gluten-free was one of our main priorities.

Are your bars vegan?

Yes, our bars are 100% vegan

Are your bars lactose free?

Yes, our bars are dairy free, don't contain lactose and are perfect for those who prefer to avoid it

Are your bars low in calories?

When it comes to energy levels (and calories = energy), we believe in quantity over quality and prefer to focus on WHAT kind of calories we are getting, rather than HOW MANY. Still, our bars are low in calories with "blueberry-apple-hazelnut", "mango-banana-cashew" flavours being less than 150 calories per bar and "coconut-spirulina-almond" less than 170 calories per bar.

Where is the protein in your bars coming from?

We are not adding any extra protein (as a separate substance) into our bars, as our personal experience with products containing added protein has been "not very pleasant". Instead, we chose natural ingredients that are already naturally high in protein (as one of the macronutrients). Our beloved super-star-ingredient buckwheat contains all 9 essential amino-acids. Plus, we use high-quality nuts to add even more of it. Protein is one of the essential macronutrients and anyone who is concerned about their health should make sure it is present in adequate quantities in every single meal. It is one of the main building block for all the tissues within our bodies; it plays a crucial role in metabolic functions; keeps immune and reproductive systems healthy; helps control blood sugar and hunger levels balanced; helps muscles to recover quicker. That is why we made sure all of our bars contain optimum amount of protein, making our bars a perfect snack for anyone who want to be healthy and especially for vegans and vegetarians for who it is harder to find sources of a complete protein will 9 essential amino acids.

What are using to sweeten your bars?

We do not believe in natural sweeteners that are considered healthy and yet are still high in sugar, such as dates or agave syrup. They are still causing blood sugar level fluctuations leading to energy, mood and hunger level swings. We are also against artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols, as multiple studies suggest adverse health effects. Instead, we chose stevia. Stevia is a natural sweetener derived from the leaves of the South American shrub - Stevia rebaudiana. It does not contain calories and does not lead to blood sugar level spikes. Plus, it does not have an artificial flavour and does not cause bloating.

What is buckwheat?

You are not using any artificial ingredients and yet you have a 6 month shelf life. What guarantees this?

We spent 2.5 years on developing a perfect recipe and conducted 7 factory trials to make sure our water activity levels (which are responsible for the shelf life) are in the optimum range - practice makes it perfect. We are also using a 3-layered-packaging to create an extra layer of protection.

What is Daniil Medvedev's relation to the brand?

Daniil is eating energy bars on daily bases - during the practice, in between the sets, before or after the workout, when travelling. Unfortunately non of the bars present on the market matched his requirements. This was the motivation behind RawQ - create a snack that would give long-term energy release that matches the standards of professional athletes and that is available to all. Daniil is an inspiration behind the brand and our greatest supporter and number one fan.

Where are the bars produced?

The bars are manufactured in the UK, not far from London in a family-owned BCR and FDA certified facility. Fun fact - our packaging is also from the UK!

Who are the investors?

We are a small startup and we are self-funded. We do not want any external parties telling us to increase our margins by lowering the quality of our produce. We want to be in control of what we are offering you. Every single purchase helps us to keep going. We love and appreciate and take seriously every single client - you are the reason we are here and can keep going. Thank you

Where do you ship?

We ship internationally and have you covered in any corner of the world.

How long is the delivery?

This depends on where you are. You can check the delivery options and timelines when doing the checkout. We want you to get your RawQ bars as quick as possible, so we chose the best shipment partners to ensure shorter delivery times.

How much is the delivery?

This depends on several countries - your location, how quickly you want to get our bars and how many of them you are ordering. The delivery options are available at the checkout with tracked and untracked, express and standard options available .

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