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The Story Behind RawQ

In 2021 Daniil Medvedev won his first Grand Slam title to become the US Open champion.

That didn’t happen by accident… oh no. 

That was the result of dedication, careful planning and hard work.

Every. Single. Day.  

Including hours of training on and off the court, a precise daily schedule and a balanced diet.

Energy bars are an important part of Daniil’s daily meal regimen, helping replenish energy supplies between workouts or sets during a match.

A snack designed for a professional athlete should contain:

Be 100% natural


Contain optimum



Minimum amount

of sugar

Provide steady

energy levels

Daniil had high requirements for the ingredients used, and nothing on the market was good enough. 

So we decided to create our own.

The team behind RawQ

Arina - co-founder, CEO 

Arina is a certified health and integrative nutrition coach (IIN). With many years of experience working with clients, she has learned that eating healthy when your day is packed is not an easy task. 

To choose genuinely healthy products and avoid being misled by marketing tricks, you need to understand the ingredients and always keep a snack at hand to restore energy levels. 

Arina believes that healthy food choices need to be delicious and enjoyable. This is the only way theycan become a part of a sustainable lifestyle and not just a temporary fix… 

This is exactly why RawQ is as much about taste as it is about performance. 

Daria - co-founder, COO

Daria dedicated 12 years of her life to professional tennis and is still connected to professional sports. She knows that a healthy and balanced diet is one of the key factors that allows athletes to achieve incredible results and compete at the highest level. 

Food fuels the body, provides energy and builds muscle. It should be natural, with optimal nutrition and macro and micro-nutrients wherever possible. 

There should always be a snack in your bag to meet all your needs to help fuel your body the right way with long-lasting energy. The needs of the professional athletes – are at the core of RawQ ideology. 

Sugary snacks and foods cause high blood sugar and are one of the biggest causes of tiredness. 

RawQ is designed to be better.